Gymnastics Scorebook & Journal : Rhythmic Edition eBook

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Deborah Sevilla
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12 Dec 2013

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Dream Believe Achieve Athletics Gymnastics Scorebook is a must have for competitive gymnasts of all ages. After many hours of hard work, training, practicing skills and technique at the gym, every gymnast finally performs for judges, and then in a flash, it's over. The season is a whirlwind. But what did it take to get there and what needs to be done in preparation for the next competition? This gymnastics scorebook is the perfect way to record scores for up to 20 competitions and 2 seasons. There are pages to track scores by event, goals & accomplishments. Highly motivated gymnasts can look back on their accomplishments for inspiration and record their goals for the next meet. An ideal gift for competitive gymnasts -- a wonderful way to track their progress over time.

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